Defense Technology Security Administration

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Defense Technology Security Administration - "Ensuring the Edge"

The Defense Technology Security Administration (DTSA) administers the development and implementation of Department of Defense (DoD) technology security policies on international transfers of defense-related goods, services and technologies. It ensures that critical U.S. military technological advantages are preserved; transfers that could prove detrimental to U.S. security interests are controlled and limited; proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery is prevented; diversion of defense-related goods to terrorists is prevented; military interoperability with foreign allies and friends is supported; and the health of the U.S. defense industrial base is assured.
  • Review and coordinate 30,000 export licenses annually and other actions related to export of controlled hardware and technology and provide DoD position to the Departments of State or Commerce
  • Review Commodity Jurisdiction Requests, Enforcement Support, Advisory Opinions, Retransfer Requests
  • Develop and adjudicate positions that address U.S. technology security concerns
  • Develop and advocate technology security policy recommendations consistent with national military strategy and security cooperation guidance
  • Monitor technology transfer related to integration and launch of U.S. space technology on foreign launch vehicles (mandated by 1999 National Defense Authorization Act [NDAA])
  • Advise key acquisition program managers (e.g., Joint Strike Fighter [JSF], Missile Defense) in preparation of technology release roadmaps for international cooperative programs

Mission Statement

  • To promote United States national security interests by protecting critical technology while building partnership capacity.

Strategic Goals

  • Preserve the U.S. defense edge by preventing the proliferation and diversion of technology that could prove detrimental to U.S. national security
  • Engage U.S. allies and partners to increase interoperability and protect critical technologies
  • Facilitate the health of the U.S. industrial base
  • Align and utilize resources to support DTSA's mission
  • Empower people and make DTSA a great place to work