DTSA Technology Security & Foreign Disclosure Office (TSFDO)

Pentagon building the Department of Defense headquarters

The TSFDO serves as the Executive Secretariat to the Arms Transfer Technology Release Senior Steering Group (ATTR SSG). The TSFDO mission is to facilitate coordination and synchronization of release requests of high importance to Department of Defense (DoD). TSFDO assists these requests through the TSFD processes to ensure transparency and timely, well-informed guidance and decisions on technology or information transfers.


In August 2008, the Deputy Secretary of Defense issued a memorandum establishing a Defense Senior Steering Group (SSG) on Arms Transfer and Technology Release (ATTR) to provide direction to the various processes within the Department which inform the approval (or denial) of transfers of armaments and the release of classified and sensitive technology to international partners.

In July 2010, the Deputy Secretary directed his ATTR SSG Co-Chairs to conduct a comprehensive review of the DoD Technology Security and Foreign Disclosure (TSFD) processes, as recommended by Presidential Study Directive 8 (December 2009) and the Export Control Reform (ECR) Task Force Report (January 2010). As a result, a Technology Security and Foreign Disclosure Review Group was formed, which resulted in several recommendations to modify the existing technology security and foreign disclosure (TSFD) processes. These reforms, which were ultimately approved by the Deputy Secretary of Defense, included the formation of a Technology Security and Foreign Disclosure Office (TSFDO), housed within DTSA. The TSFDO is manned with a core of DTSA employees and supplemented by rotating detailees from the Military Departments. The TSFDO reached IOC on February 14, 2011.

TSFDO Charter

  • Serve as the ATTR SSG Executive Secretariat
  • Screen, triage, and track TSFD actions meriting senior level attention
  • Develop, maintain, and implement TSFD checklists that provide guidance to the DoD TSFD community on how to staff release requests through the TSFD processes.
  • Conduct ATTR SSG-authorized TSFD outreach efforts and continually engage with the DoD TSFD community to keep abreast of TSFD release considerations.
  • Develop and coordinate TSFD decision documents among DoD and other Executive Branch agencies, other nations and U.S. industry on FMS, DCS and cooperative A&S programs.
  • Develop and publish ATTR SSG documents, including technology sharing policies, that reflect, inform, or represent TSFD release decisions (i.e.,develop technology sharing policies for SecDef/DepSecDef)

In addition to those responsibilities, the TSFDO staffs and provides final dispositions of Electronic Warfare (EW) information assurance waiver requests that are required to provide EW capability to partners and allies. The TSFDO also provides support to several Senior Integration Groups (SIGs) which have TSFD review requirements.