DTSA Technology Directorate

A collage of a tank, airplanes, cruiser, helicopter, and submarine.

The Technology Directorate (TD) is DTSA's principal source of technical insight, advice and analysis on international transfers of defense-related items and other matters of national security interest. The TD technical staff consists of senior engineers and scientists who are recognized experts on the most sensitive military technologies that contribute to the U.S. military advantage. TD scientists and engineers apply their knowledge and expertise on a daily basis in order to shape and influence DoD technology security policy. TD’s essential roles in executing DTSA’s mission are:

  • Identifying technologies critical to U.S. military advantage and national security
  • Reviewing international transfers of military technology, defense articles and dual-use items in a manner consistent with DoD’s technology security objectives
  • Monitoring export of technical data, technical services or technology from U.S. companies manufacturing spacecraft, rockets, and related subsystems
  • Recommending viable solutions to complex technical issues in order to:
    • Protect the U.S. warfighting edge
    • Mitigate risks when national security goals make technology transfers a necessity

Our goal is to apply relevant engineering and scientific knowledge and defense-related expertise to shape sound DoD technology security policies, provide information on technology transfer decisions that protect critical technologies, and mitigate the risk of diversion or proliferation.

Our Core Competencies are:

  • Knowledge of domestic and foreign defense-related technology and capability
  • Ability to apply engineering and scientific knowledge to the U.S. Government’s (U.S.G.) policy and regulatory framework for technology security
  • Skill at communicating complex technical subjects to a broad audience
  • Ability to integrate input from DoD and other U.S.G. stakeholders to develop viable technical solutions for managing technology transfer risks

TD is comprised of three divisions: Space & Missiles Division, Air, Sea & Land Division, and Electronics & Sensors Division.