DTSA International Engagement Directorate

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The International Engagement Directorate (IED) is a multi-discipline organization comprised of security and foreign affairs professionals. IED leads the Defense Technology Security Administration’s (DTSA) efforts on behalf of DoD in developing unilateral, bilateral, and multilateral technology transfer policies, and national foreign disclosure policy in support of the priorities of the Secretary of Defense and the National Defense Strategy. IED works to strengthen alliances and attract new partners by supporting technology security capacity building and facilitating security cooperation. IED personnel share approaches in technology security and export controls, both on a bilateral basis with partners and allies, as well as through multilateral export control and nonproliferation regimes, in order to strengthen technology security relationships and help establish the foundation for greater defense cooperation. IED works with DTSA’s technical subject matter experts and other DoD stakeholders to identify and protect critical technologies to blunt military modernization efforts of strategic competitors and other hostile actors while maintaining our warfighter’s military superiority.

IED carries out the responsibilities of the Secretary of Defense for U. S. national policy governing the disclosure of classified military information and material to foreign governments and international organizations; for DoD liaison and exchange programs with foreign governments; for DoD as the U.S. Designated Security Authority for security policies and arrangements for government and commercial international programs; for the development and negotiation of security arrangements with allied and other friendly governments; for U. S. implementation of NATO security regulations; and the development of U.S. positions on NATO security-related issues. IED serves as the Executive Secretariat to the Arms Transfer Technology Release Senior Steering Group (ATTR SSG) and the National Military Information Disclosure Policy Committee (NDPC). IED’s Technology Security/Foreign Disclosure (TSFD) activities work to facilitate coordination and synchronization of technology release requests of high importance to DoD. IED assists these requests through the TSFD processes to ensure transparency and timely, well-informed decisions and policies are applied to technology or information transfers.

There are three divisions within the IED: Multilateral Engagement; Regional Engagement; and, Strategy and Policy. The three divisions have responsibilities in the following areas:

The Multilateral Engagement Division (MED)

The Regional Engagement Division (RED)

  • Technology Security Bilateral Engagements (Cooperative Technology Security Programs, Interagency and Intra-Departmental Bilateral Engagements, and Security Survey Follow-up)
  • Interagency advisory role and USG subject matter experts on defense technology security and technology transfer issues
  • General security agreements (General Security of Military Information and General Security of Information Agreements), Industrial Security Agreements, and Special Security Agreements with Allies and other friendly nations
  • With A&S, lead the U.S.-Australia Defense Trade Working Group and the U.S.-UK Defense Trade Task Force
  • Develop and integrate special security provisions for international programs to include cooperative R&D, security assistance, and reciprocal procurement programs
  • Lead interface between DoD and security officials of allied and other friendly nations on technology transfer and technology security issues of mutual concern
  • Security surveys of foreign government security laws, policies and practices
  • DoD lead for policy advice and guidance to DoD and interagency components on technology security aspects of security assistance, arms cooperation and other international programs
  • Developing and providing policy advice on sections of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) that deal with security and the export of classified defense articles and technical data
  • DoD lead for technology security interests at international meetings and conferences

The Strategy and Policy Division (SPD)

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