Secretariats for the National Disclosure Policy Committee (NDPC) and the Arms Transfer and Technology Release Senior Steering Group (ATTR SSG)

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National Disclosure Policy Committee (NDPC)

Defense Technology Security Administration (DTSA) is designated by the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy to serve as the Secretariat for the interagency National Disclosure Policy Committee (NDPC). In this capacity, DTSA is responsible for the formulation, issuance, and implementation of the National Disclosure Policy for the disclosure of Classified Military Information to Foreign Governments and International Organizations. The Director, DTSA serves as the Chairman of the Committee responsible for the executive direction of the National Disclosure Policy, and represents the Secretary of Defense on matters brought before the Committee by the Members. The Secretariat also serves as lead for both the evaluation of foreign government information security programs and in the negotiation of required bilateral security agreements governing the use, transfer and protection of classified military information and equipment to support a variety of international programs and initiatives.

Arms Transfer and Technology Release Senior Steering Group (ATTR SSG)

DTSA's Technology Security & Foreign Disclosure Office (TSFDO) is the Executive Secretariat to the Department's Arms Transfer and Technology Release Senior Steering Group (ATTR SSG) and facilitates the coordination and synchronization of release requests of high importance to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD). The TSFDO facilitates Priority TSFD Review (PTR) requests through the Department's TSFD processes to ensure transparency and timely, well-informed, guidance and decisions on technology and/or information transfers. In order to develop, obtain ATTR SSG approval of, and maintain all ATTR SSG policies and procedures, the TSFDO consults with all relevant DoD TSFD authorities to ensure their existing processes inform and facilitate release requests. As required, the TSFDO coordinates and develops Release In Principle (RIP) documentation for TSFD release requests, which incorporate assessments of technical and programmatic issues and analyses of opportunities to build partner capacity as they relate to DoD policies. As well, in continued support of OSD's efforts to continue to streamline and harmonize TSFD processes, the TSFDO assesses and recommends changes to existing DoD TSFD policies and processes for ATTR SSG consideration.