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Department of Defense Experts for Technology Security Policy

Defense Technology Security Administration (DTSA) establishes Department of Defense technology security policies related to international transfers of defense-related goods, services, and technologies.  DTSA reviews and provides expert recommendations on foreign access to U.S. military technology or foreign purchases of American companies. DTSA also serves as a reviewing agency for the export licensing of dual-use commodities and munitions items and provides technical and policy assessments on export license applications. DTSA is a DoD Field Activity under the authority, direction, and control of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (USDP).

DTSA Leadership Blog

Former DTSA Director

The Defense Technology Security Administration serves a vital role in the international transfer of military and commercial (dual-use) goods and technology and in protecting critical information in support of US national security. Our mission is directly aligned with both the US National Security Strategy and US National Defense Strategy.

Acting DTSA Director

DTSA closed 2018 out with another extraordinarily productive year. I could not be more grateful and impressed by our team’s ability to meet increased demands while sustaining high quality work despite encumbering reduced resources and timelines. We were faced with legislative challenges, resource shortfalls, and leadership changes.