Technology Release Policies

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Arms Transfer Technology Release Senior Steering Group (ATTR SSG) sharing policies convey baseline technology security and foreign disclosure (TSFD) review processes for a specific technology or system to a group of potential recipient countries identified in that policy. These policies, developed for focus areas of likely transfer and/or disclosure interest, are created prior to specific export requests in order to facilitate more timely processing and consideration when a requirement arises. These policies will be developed consistent with Titles 10, 22 and 50 authorities, represent a snapshot in time with regard to the existing policy environment (e.g., foreign policy, technology security policy, etc.), and thus it is understood that every technology sharing policy serves as a baseline which can be reviewed expeditiously and, if required, modified and/or applied with exceptions within the context of evolving USG policy considerations at the time of a specific export consideration. These policies are developed in advance of requirements for Congressional Notification, and thus do not pre-suppose Congressional support for specific exports of the technologies or systems contained in those policies. These policies are not to be construed as DoD, or USG, export policy.