Technology Security Bilateral Engagements

DTSA officials meeting with international partners

DTSA ensures technology transfers convey adequate safeguards required for retaining the critical military advantage of U.S., Allied, and partner capabilities.

Cooperative Technology Security Programs

DTSA engages foreign partners to develop common standards of equivalent technology security policies, best practices, processes, and procedures that are codified, supported, and enforced by legal, regulatory, and bureaucratic structures and context.

These efforts are aimed at preventing the unauthorized transfer, diversion, or misuse of advanced U.S. technologies and facilitating security cooperation between the U.S. and other countries.

COCOM Liaison

DTSA partners with Combatant Command Security Cooperation planners on the transfer and sharing of advanced military capabilities that support DoD strategic objectives and COCOM regional and theater defense objectives.

DTSA helps ensure that proposed transfers of advanced U.S. systems, equipment, and technologies are consistent with U.S. government policies and objectives regarding the appropriate level of information, technology, and capability sharing.

Interagency and Intra-Departmental Geo-Strategic Engagements

DTSA provides subject matter expertise to USG international engagements that involve the transfer of advanced dual-use technologies that could advance defense capability.

DTSA partners with Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (OUSDP) regional and functional components at bilateral engagements to address defense technology and disclosure equities.