DTSA Mission Support Office

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The Mission Support Office is the "engine" that keeps DTSA running. We have a highly-dedicated, diverse team of professionals who serve as the focal point for the overall alignment, use and protection of DTSA's resources. The Mission Support Office provides the necessary professional, technical, and administrative guidance and assistance to grow a superior workforce to exceed critical mission objectives, always "Ensuring the Edge." Our specific responsibilities include:

  • Planning, programming, and executing the financial resources for DTSA
  • Providing oversight for DTSA's acquisition and support contract requirements
  • Improving and maintaining our workplace with a vigorous Facilities Management program in liaison with the Mark Center building management
  • Ensuring employees have clear guidance by monitoring and updating and publishing DTSA's administrative instructions
  • Keeping our Information Technology (IT) resources connected, secure and modern with our own government and contract IT professionals, and through external support agreements
  • Leads the development, integration, and operation of the National Disclosure Policy System (NDPS); the Defense Patent Application Review System (DPARS); the Foreign Visit System (FVS); and the executive agent for the interagency’s single information technology program for licensing, USXPORTS.
  • Keeping DTSA a great place to work by administering DTSA's personnel, evaluation, recognition, and support programs for both military and civilian employees

Empowering Decisions and Expertise

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DTSA systems empower timely, well-informed interagency and intra-departmental decisions for international transfers of technology or information.

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