Public Law 106-65, National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2000, Section 1409

        SEC. 1409. ENHANCEMENT <<NOTE: 22 USC 2778 note.>> OF ACTIVITIES 
                          OF DEFENSE THREAT REDUCTION AGENCY.

    (a) In <<NOTE: Regulations. Deadline.>> General.--Not later than 180 
days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of 
Defense shall prescribe regulations to--
            (1) authorize the personnel of the Defense Threat Reduction 
        Agency (DTRA) who monitor satellite launch campaigns overseas to 
        suspend such campaigns at any time if the suspension is required 
        for purposes of the national security of the United States;
            (2) ensure that persons assigned as space launch campaign 
        monitors are provided sufficient training and have adequate 
        experience in the regulations prescribed by the Secretary of 
        State known as the ITAR and have significant experience and 
        expertise with satellite technology, launch vehicle technology, 
        and launch operations technology;
            (3) ensure that adequate numbers of such monitors are 
        assigned to space launch campaigns so that 24-hour, 7-day per 
        week coverage is provided;
            (4) take steps to ensure, to the maximum extent possible, 
        the continuity of service by monitors for the entire space 
        launch campaign period (from satellite marketing to launch and, 
        if necessary, completion of a launch failure analysis);
            (5) adopt measures designed to make service as a space 
        launch campaign monitor an attractive career opportunity;
            (6) allocate funds and other resources to the Agency at 
        levels sufficient to prevent any shortfalls in the number of 
        such personnel;
            (7) establish mechanisms in accordance with the provisions 
        of section 1514(a)(2)(A) of the Strom Thurmond National Defense 
        Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1999 (Public Law 105-261; 112 
        Stat. 2175; 22 U.S.C. 2778 note) that provide for--
                    (A) the payment to the Department of Defense by the 
                person or entity receiving the launch monitoring 
                services concerned, before the beginning of a fiscal 
                year, of an amount equal to the amount estimated to be 
                required by the Department to monitor the launch 
                campaigns during that fiscal year;
                    (B) the reimbursement of the Department of Defense, 
                at the end of each fiscal year, for amounts expended by 
                the Department in monitoring the launch campaigns in 
                excess of the amount provided under subparagraph (A); 
                    (C) the reimbursement of the person or entity 
                receiving the launch monitoring services if the amount 
                provided under subparagraph (A) exceeds the amount 
                actually expended by the Department of Defense in 
                monitoring the launch campaigns;

[[Page 113 STAT. 803]]

            (8) review and improve guidelines on the scope of 
        permissible discussions with foreign persons regarding 
        technology and technical information, including the technology 
        and technical information that should not be included in such 
            (9) provide, in conjunction with other Federal agencies, on 
        at least an annual basis, briefings to the officers and 
        employees of United States commercial satellite entities on 
        United States export license standards, guidelines, and 
        restrictions, and encourage such officers and employees to 
        participate in such briefings;
            (10) establish a system for--
                    (A) the preparation and filing by personnel of the 
                Agency who monitor satellite launch campaigns overseas 
                of detailed reports of all relevant activities observed 
                by such personnel in the course of monitoring such 
                    (B) the systematic archiving of reports filed under 
                subparagraph (A); and
                    (C) the preservation of such reports in accordance 
                with applicable laws; and
            (11) establish a counterintelligence program within the 
        Agency as part of its satellite launch monitoring program.

    (b) Annual Report on Implementation of Satellite Technology 
Safeguards.--(1) The Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State 
shall each submit to Congress each year, as part of the annual report 
for that year under section 1514(a)(8) of the Strom Thurmond National 
Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1999, the following:
            (A) A summary of the satellite launch campaigns and related 
        activities monitored by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency 
        during the preceding fiscal year.
            (B) A description of any license infractions or violations 
        that may have occurred during such campaigns and activities.
            (C) A description of the personnel, funds, and other 
        resources dedicated to the satellite launch monitoring program 
        of the Agency during that fiscal year.
            (D) An assessment of the record of United States satellite 
        makers in cooperating with Agency monitors, and in complying 
        with United States export control laws, during that fiscal year.

    (2) Each report under paragraph (1) shall be submitted in classified 
form and unclassified form. 

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