Opening A Spacelink Account

  1. Contact the Defense Technology Security Administration, Export Control Directorate (ECD), Missiles, UAVs, and Space Division (MUS) at 571-372-2522 or to discuss your need for a Spacelink account.
  2. Register for a Spacelink account using the Spacelink Registration Form Company Account for an initial registration, or the Spacelink Registration Form User Account for adding individuals within your company. Contact DTSA/MUS for questions on these two forms.
  3. Request access to the Spacelink server by obtaining a System Authorization Access Request (SAAR), and submitting the completed SAAR form to the DTSA SPAN Support Desk or contact the DTSA SPAN Support Desk, 571-372-7623, for questions on this form.
  4. If you have a DoD Common Access Card (aka CAC Card), email the DTSA SPAN Support Desk or call the team at 571-372-7623 to receive instructions on how to use the DoD Common Access Card for accessing Spacelink.
  5. If you do not have a DoD Common Access Card you are required to purchase a Medium Hardware External Certification Authority identity certificate. This will enable secure electronic transactions, authentication, and digital signing into the DoD computer system on which Spacelink resides. The DoD Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Program Management Office has approved the following vendors as providers of these identity certificates:

    If you have questions obtaining the identity certificate, email the DTSA SPAN Support Desk or call the team at 571-372-7623.

    Register your individual External Certification Authority Public Key Infrastructure identity certificate which will be directly linked to your Spacelink account. Registration instructions may be found at the DoD Common Access Card Capture website, from which your Public Key Infrastructure information on your External Certification Authority identity certificate will be retrieved and associated to your Spacelink account. If you have questions email the DTSA SPAN Support Desk or call the team at 571-372-7623.

  6. Access Spacelink at

If your export authorization approved by the Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls mandates that DTSA must monitor your program, then your company must provide funding to DTSA/MUS, in accordance with Public Law (PL) 105-261 Section 1514 and PL 106-65 Section 1409. Appropriation laws, require that funds must be in DTSA’s financial system before DTSA/MUS can perform any mandatory program work. See the DTSA/MUS Financial Procedures.

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