Technology Transfer Control Plan (TTCP)

A TTCP defines the procedures, controls, and processes a company intends to implement to satisfy the controls and limitations imposed by provisos on the export authorization (i.e., licenses and Technical Assistance Agreement (TAA)). Export authorizations are submitted to and approved by DoS, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC), or by DoC, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) depending on the jurisdiction of the export. A company's TTCP delineates their plan to prevent the unauthorized transfer of information that could be used by a foreign country to improve its missile or space launch capabilities.

Export authorizations for the launch of U.S. satellites on a foreign launch vehicle typically require a TTCP. Export authorizations may apply the TTCP proviso in accordance with Public Law (PL) 105-261 Section 1514, PL 106-65 Section 1404, and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR Part 124.15). If the export authorization requires the submittal of a TTCP to DTSA, Export Control Directorate, Missiles, UAVs and Space Division (DTSA/MUS) for approval, then the company is required to have an approved TTCP prior to exporting technical data and defense services.

Development of a TTCP

DTSA/MUS has produced detailed TTCP Guidelines to assist companies in developing their specific TTCP. For companies with little or no previous TTCP preparation experience, it is recommended that these companies follow the provided TTCP Guidelines; although DTSA/MUS does not require their use. A TTCP is a working document and should be updated as the program progresses and the export authorization is amended.

TTCP Approval Process

Companies must establish a Spacelink account for those export authorizations that require interactions with DTSA/MUS to develop a TTCP. The following link provides instructions on Opening a Spacelink Account. Once a company has established a Spacelink account, both the DDTC export approval and the company submitted export authorization request must be loaded into Spacelink for acceptance by DTSA/MUS. Subsequently, a Draft TTCP can be uploaded for DTSA/MUS review. Once DTSA/MUS reviews and approves the draft TTCP, a company is ready to upload the Final TTCP into Spacelink. When the Final TTCP is approved the company is authorized to export technical data and defense services as approved by the export authorization.

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